Bozok University Scientific Publication Awards have found their owners in the ceremony held in Yozgat Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate. The awards are presented to the academicians in the first three of the list on the areas of natural and applied sciences, social sciences and health sciences.

Governor Abdulkadir Yazici, Garrison Commander Gendarmerie Captain Recep Yalçinkaya, Mayor Yusuf Baser, Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Uçar, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Feyzullah Temurtas, Prof. Dr. Hasan Yumak and Secretary General Levent Simsek attended the awards ceremony besides academicians, students and local people.

Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Uçar, in his speech before the ceremony, stated that “We all wish that we had the chance to reward every scientific and academic study as well as educational and social service studies ignoring titles and grades of the academicians. Unfortunately these points have not been put forward clearly like index studies neither in the old nor in the new Higher Education Institution laws.

On determining the ones deserving the rewards, the numbers on the Web of Science Records-also one of associate professorship recognition principles for interuniversity board - are taken into consideration, underlined the Rector Prof. Dr. Uçar and added that they go by these criterions. Through the end of his speech, he said that “I am extending thanks on behalf of myself and our university both to these valuable academicians contributing the ranking of Bozok University within the others.”

Then after the opening speech, it is turn for the scientific publication award presentation. Within the awards for the scientific publications on natural and applied sciences, social sciences and health sciences; the first rewards by Garrison Commander Gendarmerie Captain Recep Yalçinkaya, the second rewards by Mayor Yusuf Baser and the third rewards by Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Uçar were presented to their owners.

Finally Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Uçar presented Certificate of Appreciation and Plaque to Özcan Sahin, Environment and Green Field Coordinator M.Sc Agriculture Engineer, who gives precious efforts for campus forestation and greening and become a good role model for other staff  by his devotedly workings.
The ceremony ends with family photo.



Bozok University Department Of Data Processing 2012