Library and IT

By 2012 the Central Library is serving on a 5.751 m2 building with 23.424 books, more than 45.000 e-books and 20.000 e-magazines. Besides these; 178 periodicals 2.000 thesis and 350 visual-audio materials are served. All of the printed materials can be scanned online. Except for the reference books, all the books can be borrowed by our students and staff.

Totally 17 computer labs with internet connection and 1600 computers are in service all over our university. In Library building in our Central Campus, there are 60 free study computer for our students. In Campus area all building has fiber optic  cable connection and the internet speed is 60 Mbits. In addition there is a wireless connection in the Campus area and buildings on 24 access points that everyone can use.  

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